Geissler tubes
The third page, ornamental tubes.
  Vase or goblet tubes were made in 
  different models and sizes. This one
  can be displayed hanging on a stand.
  There are also similar models for use
   with a normal wooden stand.
  Ornamental Geissler tubes
  These were made in many forms and sizes and can be seen as scientific
  toys. These two tubes are about 35 cm in height, the biggest
  models made. Often these complex tubes contain spiral forms, human
  head figures (like Kaiser Wilhelm), goblet, devil figure or religious figures.
  Some models were also produced without the protective glass envelope.
  Tubes like this can be found in catalogues of Meiser & Mertig Dresden,
  Constatin Heinz from Stützerbach, C.H.F. Müller, Müller Uri and Pressler.
Ornamental Geissler tube
height 35cm early 1900.
Representing the sun.
Glassblowing art!
Religious Geissler tube, cross with crown of thorns.
Made by C.H.F. Müller ca 1890.
  This is an early model with red glass sealing
  on the electrode stem which means probably
  before 1900.
Art in all it's simplicity.
Picture from the C.H.F. Müller catalogue 1890.
Early blue Geissler tube with Catherine-wheel
The tube is probably filled with CO2 vapor for the blue color.

Large Cathereen wheel Geissler tube early 1900.
Height 35cm with a large chamber which can be filled with a fluorescent liquid, in this case Rhodamine orange.
Great large 40cm high Goblet tube or Gassiot's cascade tube. ca1910
This tube is probably made by Müller-Uri or Emil Gundelach and is present in the 1911 catalogue of E.Leybolds Nachfolger in three sizes 25-30 and 40cm.
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Activated tube
The tube is constructed in such a way that the cloud of electrons is overflowing the goblet. This is achieved by two tiny holes in the sphere below the goblet. The stream is forced to come out of the goblet to find it's way into one of the holes.
A Geissler name tube
This 40 cm tube is made probably in the last half of the 19th century. The tube can be filled with a liquid.
Name tubes are rare and very fragile and were ordered by the amount of letters, so a long name was expensive.
A small vase tube ca1930 height 17cm
A very rare tube made by the French company A.Biloret & C.Mora ca1880.
There are only a few left in the world. Hight 22cm. Pure glassblowing art!
The drawing of the tube comes from the even more rare catalogue, it consist  hand colored drawings.
Another Biloret fluid filled tube ca1880
The lower electrode connection is in the stand.
A cathereen wheel tube.
Height 23cm ca1930
An old Gassiot's cascade tube.
Height 32cm ca1920
This tube has a production fault, due to a flaw in the glass of the upper coil (tiny piece of dust/dirt) the electrons escape earlier than wanted.
Kranz tube (or wreath tube) Pressler ca 1935
In many cases these tubes contained an afterglow gas, in this case it's a normal working tube.
Activated flower
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